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As a registered Training organization, the NSW DAA can This year we will present the inaugural“Vern-Barnett Award“ to the dental assistant of the year who has contributed “Wages and the move to the New modern Award – where

Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales Salaried Employees Award Agreements and Determinations: Dental Auxiliaries (TAFE) General Assistant, NSW Police College 19 40,410 41,420 20 40,752 41,771

Position: Dental Assistant Agreement: Victorian Public Health Sector (Health & Allied Services, Award/Agreement. Salary Packaging is available for permanent and fixed term employees, in accordance with prevailing legislation and PVCH

ABOUT DENTAL ASSISTANT TRAINING SOLUTIONS Dental Assistant Training Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), registered by the national regulatory body,

OHSU School of Dentistry/Dental Bites June 2011 Short Takes Third-year dental student Charlie Muraki recently received the American Student Dental Association Award of Excellence. *Assistant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMSF) Julie Ann Smith, D.D.S., M.D ., recently was

Dental Assistant Named Best Job for Young People Good news for dental assistants: Career in-formation expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., put the job at the top of the list of the 15 best jobs standards the award represents and the values Dr.

– 2 – 3.3 Supervision Allowance (a) A dental assistant who, in addition to the normal range of duties, is required to supervise two or more dental assistants will be paid a supervision allowance.

For eighty years after the first settlement was formed in Sydney every aspect of administration in New South Wales was centered on Sydney. The award wages payable at this period (1924) are interesting: The Assistant Engineer, F. C. Smale,

National Training Wage Award 2000. This award as varied to 7 July 2003 New South Wales Soft Drink Association (Country Division) Organising Works Inc. Dental Assistant. Disability. Education Industry Traineeships

To this award. 2.5 "Dental Chairside Assistant" shall mean and shall include all persons employed to to be calculated in accordance with subclause 15 5 of this clause applying the award rates of wages payable on that day. Commission of New South Wales,

NSW. All applicants must be aware of the requirements } u ] } DENTAL ASSISTANT – Part Time Wages as per Award. Applications close 5pm 18th February 2014.

NEW SOUTH WALES. INDUSTRIAL GAZETTE. Printed by the authority of the. Wages, of the award to the same extent as applied before the employee sacrificed that amount of salary to superannuation. Administrative Assistant