Dental Assistant Average Wage

The average hourly wage for all respondents working in private practice varies between $22.69 and $24.92 per hour. Work setting, years of experience, geographical location and Dental Assistant Functions

Dental Assistant is generally considered a low to medium-wage occupation, with There is an average projected 343 job openings each year, comprised of 254 new jobs and 98 positions vacated by

Get more information & an application at DENTAL ASSISTANT D E N T A L A S S I S T A N T Semester I DNTA 1011 Dental Science DNTA 1073 Emergency Management Average Hourly Wage $15.72 Current Job Market +27.50% Time Commitment 12 Months Courses

Being a Dental Assistant is a great way to work in the Dental field, help people, and make a good wage within two years (or less) of graduating from high Dental Careers & Average Wages Dental Careers & Average Wages Dental Assistant: Assist dentist, prepare patient, equipment and

Regional Average Dental Staff Hourly Wage Rates $30.00 $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 $5.00 $16.64 $18.96 $18.38 $32.22 Assistant Expanded Hygienist Office Staff $35.00 6. 2012 Dental Survey based on 2011 data CHARGES, REVENUES AND EXPENSES 10.1% 17.9%

• Dental assistant • Dental hygienist • Dental laboratory technician • Dentist History Fromtheearly1940suntil1975,theAmericanDentalAssociation’s The average wage for a full-time dental assis-tant, in all practice settings, is $18.50 an hour,

Average employment Average annual openings Mean Wage and 95% Confidence Interval Wage by Percentile Low Mean High 10th Median 90th Dental Assistant Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Research and Analysis Section P.O. Box 115501

Average wage per hour $24.13 Dental Assistant Registration Process, May 2012 5 You can also consider working in Alberta in a related occupation such as Medical/Dental Office Receptionist, in dental sales or insurance.

In Utah, an entry-level position for a dental assistant generally starts at an average hourly wage of $9.40, or $19,552 per year.2 Increases in salary are based upon training, education, and experience. In Utah, a dental assistant must be licensed.

As a Certified Dental Assistant and a Licensed Dental Assistant. • Restorative Dental Assistant Salary Data • Average Wage: $20.72/hour • Top Earners: $26.76/hour DENTAL ASSISTANT – A.A.S. DEGREE This is a sample course sequence.

Currently the average dental assistant’s salary is $33,470. The national range is $23,550 – $47,580. The average wage for this occupation in Houston is $32,700. An equal opportunity institution For More Information Call Center: 281-998-6150

JCCC PROGRAM OUTLOOK January 2012 DENTAL ASSISTANT Job prospects for dental assistants should be excellent. Employment is expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations through the year 2020.