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YOUR DOG WILL FEED OFF YOUR ANXIETY • BE FIRM BUT GENTLE. 2. CHECK CPR; ONE OR TWO PERSON METHOD: Use in severe shock with Cardiac and r espiratory failure. ONE PERSON: ⇒ Lay animal on side on a Flat surface (unyielding).

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If your dog is unconscious and does not appear to be breathing, try gently pumping the chest with the palm of your hand, breaths is a simple form of animal cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Specific first aid Blood loss

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This seminar could save your dog's life!!! The American Red Cross has developed a Canine First Aid Certification Course. How to give canine CPR? The American Red Cross of Southern Maine will conduct this seminar on how you can provide

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27 Lafayette Road Hampton Falls, NH 03844 www.luckydogdaycareNH.com 603.512.0241 Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment As Pet Tech certified in CPR and First Aid care, Lucky Dog staff members will do everything possible to

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If your pet is not breathing, gently but firmly close your pet’s mouth, cup your hand around the snout and give two quick breaths in a mouth-to-snout fashion.

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It’s not a scenario you want to imagine: finding your dog unconscious on your living room floor or your cat hit by a car. Finding your pet not breathing or with his heart not beating can be a terrifying experience, but there are things you can do.

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What to do: If you suspect that your dog may have chocolate poisoning, transport it to the veterinarian immediately. As an emergency procedure, give your dog several tablets of activated charcoal (which should

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Dog CPR is very different from human CPR and has a much lower success rate. Here, a board-certified emergency critical care veterinary specialist tells you how to improve your dog's chances.

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First Aid for Choking, Rescue Breathing, And CPR Chapter 35, Lesson 3 Target Group: 8th grade students in a classroom setting BY: Katie Duffy Andrew Lebovic Learn the importance of emergency medicine Learn proper prevention methods concerning emergency medicine Changing your attitude

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Edit Article How to Perform CPR on a Dog. Edited by Flickety, Jordan, Luv_sarah, mairead reid. If you cannot get your dog to veterinary help quickly to save her life, you might be in the position of having to perform cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her to restore her breathing and heartbeat.

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Keep your furry friends safe by learning pet CPR.

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Refer participants to Dog First Aid, page 36, for more information on CPR for a dog. SKILL PRACTICE: CPR o KEEP your dog as an indoor pet and make sure he is leashed or confined while outdoors. o NEVER transport your dog in the back of an open pickup truck unless he is

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Do you know how to give CPR to your dog? If you would like to help this organization visit their web site here