Civil Service Dental Assistant

MICHIGAN CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION COLLEGE DEGREE REQUIREMENTS FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOB CLASSIFICATION The following is a list of college degree majors and the qualifying civil service job classifications.

Civil Service Commission Andrea Weddle, County Counsel I. CALL TO ORDER II. APPROVE THE MINUTES OF OCTOBER 30, 2013 AS MAILED. III. Dental Assistant, #13-5510-01 Financial Services Director, Social Services Agency, #13-6075-01

ASSISTANT HEALTH PHYSICIST OPEN EXAMINATION CONTINUOUS TESTING HX30 the rules governing civil service, and the special trust placed in public servants. Dental, and Vision Cash Benefit Programs Disability Insurance Work, Home,

___ Civil engineer ___ Electrical engineer ___ Mechanical engineer Health Service Occupations ___ Dental assistant ___ Firefighter ___ Flight attendant ___ Home care aide ___ Landscaper/groundskeeper ___ Police officer/detective Mechanics, installers and

Take an examination on the web at 3. When can I take the Internet exam? a civil service examination. Caltrans offers health, dental and vision plans.

Completion of a dental assistant program by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Accreditation. Island) may compete for civil service jobs. Agencies are permitted to hire noncitizens only in very limited

Most jobs are filled from vacancy posting on the There is no Civil Service examination for the Student Assistant. Applications are only accepted for posted vacancies. Civil Service Job Posting site at

Dental Assistant Application Checklist There are 3 ways to obtain a license as a dental assistant in the State of New Jersey. 1. The fee for this service is $22.00. Payment should be made in the form of a check or money

CIVIL SERVICE JOB TITLES JOB TITLE PASS TEST/NO ELIGIBILITY HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATE DEGREE Vocational Assistant 4 Years Yes 4 years of clerical work in the area of vocational guidance, Dental Hygienist None No

Civil Service Commission Minutes Cincinnati, Ohio October 24, Jackson, Assistant Civil Service Secretary and Ms. Seeta Martindale, Recording Secretary. Representative (Dental Billing Coder) to its table of organization

Legislative Service Commission -3- S.B. 129 omission of the physician, physician assistant, dentist, or optometrist in the physician╩╣s,

Payroll is working with Civil Service and HR to solve issues for our dental driver to get direct deposit and paid properly Qiana (Dental Assistant) hired in January, 2008 to fill vacancy