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The hotel industry in Berlin recruits Italian and English speakers as data and channel management co-ordinators, where training for the knowledge of in-house job system is provided to employees. For this job, the candidates are required to have command over written and spoken English in addition to having fluency of German, French or Italian languages. (Both written and spoken). The job requires strong communication skills, the candidates are assumed to be computer literate as well. If you are a fluent English and Italian speaker then you can be recruited in hotel management job market.

Gabrielle Reece also known as Gabby was born on 6th of January 1970, an American professional volleyball player, sports announcer and a hot fashion model who stand 623 tall.

In order to pursue a career in massage therapy, there are certain traits that one must have. Massage therapists have been found to have similar traits that are beneficial in the workforce. Alternative healing professionals in this field can provide their clients with a therapy that will help relieve pain and stress as well as help with a variety of other ailments. Personality traits that can help prospective massage therapists succeed include empathy, communication, physical stamina, and positive energy.

In the world of law enforcement, a horse and a human make a winning team. The most famous mounted police officer may be Dudley Do-Right, a cartoon Canadian Mountie featured on Rocky and Bullwinkle shows, but in real life there are police forces all over the globe that rely on horses to get the job done. Australias New South Wales Mounted Police is the oldest continuous mounted police force in the world, established back in the 1800s and still riding today. Horses offer unique advantages to police work, such as an ability to go where vehicles cant, and their sheer physical presence discourages many would-be criminals.

Sistance in identifying resources for the supervised practical training hours is provided. To earn the Lehman College Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance FREE CAREER INFORMATION SEMINARS: SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 10:30 AM snow date: Jan 25

FREE Adult Education & Career Training Information Session Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 11:00AM or 6:00PM NYC Pitch Party & Holiday Networking Event Location: Capital One Bank, are often filled without ever being posted. amNewYork asked local career

New York City Department of Small Business Services Background of Funder full range of free employment and training services to jobseekers and businesses. • Supports workers through occupational training, job placement, career advancement, and other

Free Job Training in Cable Installation 3 • Brooklyn Networks is a 5 week intensive hands-on training program that will help you start a career in the field of network cable installation. Live in New York City & Legally eligible to work in the US. 2)

CAREER TRAINING PROGRAMS 7 NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) empowering New York City’s young adults with the tools needed to achieve their highest potential. Some free job training programs available. Contact:

NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY RESIDENT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES CUSTOMER INFORMATION TRAINING AND CAREER PLANNING I want the help of a counselor to plan my career I want to get vocational or technical training I have little or no work experience

Career training, credentials—and a paycheck in your pocket training most similar to apprenticeship, students can choose a school with the following: Recognized credential. scene artist program in New York City, for example, asks

Email: Program Announcement Basic Course for Personnel Interested in a Law Enforcement Career The Peace Officer Training Academy, in conjunction with Diamond “POWER ”

NEW YORK CITY EDUCATION AND CAREER PLANNING RESOURCE DIRECTORY . i Special thanks to: Adolescent Services Resource Network at Investment Act, the centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and similar employment-related services.

Commitment to support and grow New York City’s small businesses. The system, which is housed in eight Business Solutions Centers located in Connecting New Yorkers to Jobs and Training Workforce1 Career Centersare located throughout the five boroughs and provide