Boise State Dental Hygienist

A DIRECTORY OF ORAL HEALTH-RELATED SERVICES . IN THE STATE OF IDAHO. In an effort to increase the dental care safety net in Idaho, the two-fold purpose of this directory is to identify and distinguish between the major oral health-related programs aimed at reducing disparities in access to

IDAHO ADMINISTRATIVE CODE IDAPA 19.01.01 State Board of Dentistry Rules of the Idaho State Board of Dentistry Section 025 Page 6 Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association at the time of applicant’s graduation.

Boise School Dental Clinic 338-3468 American Institute of Health Institute-Hygienist Free exams, oral cancer screenings, and fluoride treatments. (Boise) 103 W. State St Eagle Rd Breastfeeding Bunch (Meridian) Cancer (Living Through)

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Boise State University Energy Committee of the Association of Idaho Cities. The Dental R.A.T. was inspired by a dental hygienist who was tired of waiting for assistants and using frustrating devices relying on voice or pressure to enter probe readings.

1 dental hygienist, The Boise MRC volunteers supported the national ARC response mission and provided needed immunizations for volunteers deployed to the affected The Operation Evergreen Welcome Center in Washington State had a medical triage unit that was staffed by 8 MRC volunteers

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Dentistry, Board of Agency Profile State of Idaho Page 1 Agency Profiles Agency Overview The Board of Dentistry is mandated and authorized by the Idaho Dental Practice Act (and the administrative rules

The Idaho State Dental Association (ISDA) as they work Paying a dental hygienist to do restorative proce- classrooms in the Boise-Meridian area this winter. They are always very creative in their presentations to the children.

Saliva in dental procedures. any body fluid visibly contaminated with blood. Contaminated items that would release blood or OPIM in a liquid or semi-liquid state if compressed; 3. Boise State University Other titles:

"Dental Hygienist Overview" Prepared as part of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center ( Licensure Dental hygienists must be licensed by the state in which

dental hygienist are set forth in the Idaho Dental Practice Act and the Idaho State Board of Dentistry’s Board of Dentistry to accept the results of state, regional and national dental and dental hygiene examinations. Boise, ID 83720-0021 . Phone: (208) 334-2369 .