Blood Lab Technician Training

Thank you for your interest in Cuyahoga Community College’s Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Must be able to capably perform medical lab procedures. Capable of full manual blood collection, provides training in hematology, urinalysis, problem solving, microbiology,

If you have new charges against you during the course of your training, you must fully disclose those within one business day to your instructor Laboratory Technician is a member of the health care team who provides clinical information for disease 10-513-109 BLOOD BANK**^^ 4 credits

Dental Technician Certification. Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Lab Sciences. Individual receives samples and specimens of tissue, blood, urine, stool, sputum, and other body fluids.

• Staff training How can you, as a dental technician, aid infection control in a laboratory? All food, mucous, visible blood to be rinsed off under running water. 2. Spray with neutral detergent and leave for 1 minute . OR

Dental Professions Board of the HPCSA. 4 2. Medical Blood transfusion, virology, cytogenetics and immunology are other disciplines in medical HPCSA Registration as a Learner Technician (GTS) 2. Training Lab Rotation arranged 3.

Professions in Diagnostic Services Blood Bank Technologist Cardiovascular Technologist Clinical Lab Technician CT Courses Minimum of High School Education On the job training/Certificates Ambulance Driver Certified Nursing Assistant Dental Assistant Dental Lab Technician EMT

Clinical training who are credentialed through certification, Dental Hygienist Dental Lab Technician Dentist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Dietetic Technician Opthalmic Lab Technician Opthalmic Medical Technologist Opthalmic Medical Technician

What does a Medical Laboratory Technician do? • Medical Laboratory Technicians analyze blood, other body fluids, tissues and cells under the direction of a Medical Laboratory Scientist. • They look for microorganisms, analyze chemical contents

Phlebotomy Technician training program consists of 40 hours of classroom study and lab practice in preparation for the certification exam. blood specimens • Preparing blood specimens for laboratory use • Review for the Phlebotomy

ACE Patient Care Technician Training Certified Nurse Aide Certified Nurse Aides work as part of a nursing team, reporting vital The Phlebotomy Technician collects blood samples for lab analysis and maintains reports. The program offers intensive training, including

Forensic Laboratory Technician Page 2 of 5 Level of Supervision Exercised: None ESSENTIAL DUTIES Supports forensic research, training, and validation projects by preparing and/or analyzing non-probative

Work under the direction of the Pathologist, Med. Lab. Technologist or Technician. Training HSTE Medical Lab Technologist, and /or Technician. procedure for obtaining capillary blood & skin puncture Place lancet immediately in the sharps container MEASURING A BLOOD SUGAR LAB SKILLS