Award Wages Dental Assistant Nsw

Standard rate means the minimum wage for a Level 3 – Dental Assistant weekly rate prescribed in clause 15. ADA Final Award (February 2009); Dental-Private Practice Award 2010 10 Part 4—Minimum Wages, Classifications and Related Matters 14.

To learn basic skills and knowledge required of a dental assistant. This shall include: (i) agreed to by the N.S.W. Dental Assistants Association and the Australian Dental Association (New South Wales Branch) of this clause, applying the award rates and wages payable on that day.

Dental Occupations . 4. The number of both Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist jobs in the Inland Empire is projected to grow over the next ten years, resulting in 1,881new and replacement jobs

A Dental Assistant works under the direction and supervision of a dentist in all stages of the patient's treatment. Duties unpaid wages resulting from clause 5.1.5(d)(i) may be made under the Act until the grievance and

LABOR & WAGES Salary Survey . Top Growth Occupations . Regional Salary Comparison . Weighted Average Salaries . Oakland . County : Southeast . Michigan : Dental Assistant . $39,986 . $117: $39,869 . Experienced Budget/Financial Analyst : $61,260 . $6. $61,254 : Fitness & health Supervisor

Dental Assistant Level 4 Means an employee who possesses: • a Certificate IV in Dental Assisting acquired under the National Health Training Package or an equivalent qualification

DENTAL ASSISTANT . Assist dentist, set up patient and equipment, and keep records. Based on (*) lower 25% and (**) upper 25% percentile of wages . National and State Employment Trends . Dental Assistant . Employment Percent Change Job 2006 . 2016 ; Openings* United States . 279,800 .

Wages – NSW Part 1 • Modern award wages and allowances as at 01 Jan 2010 Dental Assistant Level 2 Level 3 2nd year Dental Assistant Level 3 Level 4 3rd year Dental Assistant Level 4 Level 5 Dental Assistant Level 5 Level 6 Practice Managers Level 1

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION OF NEW SOUTH WALES PART A Arrangement Clause No. Subject Matter equivalent number of Dental NIOOS (Non-inpatient Dental Flow x 3.8) other than as an assistant to another cook, either: (a) on the cooking of meats, poultry and fish;

(State) Award [NSW – AN120664] provided that it shall not apply to workers employed in the callings of Dental Assistant and or Dental Receptionist under the Dental Technicians' and Attendant “Union” means the New South Wales Local Government, Clerical, Administrative

Authority of New South Wales – Toll Plaza Officers) Award 97 1559 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales – Wages Staff) Award (Senior Assistant Superintendents Award 375 278 Dairying Industry Employees (State) Award 376 279 Dental Assistants and

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS COMMISSION OF NEW SOUTH WALES The wages, salaries and relevant allowances under this Award are payable to employees of award Photographic Assistant 22 42,563 43,627 44,617 23 43,539 44,627 45,640