Award Rate Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Certified what change can I make? Placement Rate Reported to ABHES (2011/2012 Award Year) Los Angeles 80% Orange County 84% Ontario 75% Median Loan Debt (2011/2012 Award Year)

Get the reduced rate. You can book your room by going to the NDA website: The name of the award winning student essayist shall be engraved on a bronze plate have been a Certified Dental Assistant for 9 years. Have attended 9 NDAA Annual Sessions,

The following classifications will have a higher new maximum rate of pay under the compensation plan; i.e., the new top of th e range is higher than the current step 10 Dental Assistant 2 . Dental Assistant 3 . Dental Technician . Denturist . Dosimetrist . Drafter 2 . Drafter 3

Campus Division Job Title Pay rate # of positions Position Description Required skills Contact (supervisor) Email Assistant $8.00 1 Shelving books and and AV journals. Photocopying excercises Dental Receptionist $10.00 2 Writing dental reciepts and taking cash or check payments.

033 Dental Hygienist 033 Dental Assistant 033 Dental Lab Technician 038 LPN 039 Certified Medical Assistant 046 Phlebotomist 050 CT Technologist 050 X-Ray Technologist 051 Pharmacy Holiday Pay Rate: 1.4 x the normal hourly rate – all Federal Holidays actually. Worked

DOMRB is a discretionary bonus to Dental Corps officers intended to alleviate the most severe shortfalls in dental computed from the Health Professional Pay Entry Date at a rate determined by the Assistant Secretary of Defense-Tricare Management Activity and as released by the CNO via

Agree to pay the temporary dental professional referred to us an agreed upon hourly pay rate. I acknowledge that the Client Front Office Staff$25.00 per day Dental Assistant$35.00 per dayDental TechnicianDental Hygienist$40.00 per dayOffice ManagerDentist

Related Employment Rate, by Program, 2010 Group: Dental Assistants Postsecondary non-degree award $19.93 Dental Hygienists Associate's degree $32.16 Regional Average, Dental Assisting/Assistant. 16 16 Dental Hygiene/Hygienist. 16

Jan 31 2014 subject to change without notification Page 3 of 5 College Credit information Northern Oklahoma College – Enid: Degree: Health Service Technology – Dental Assistant – up to 27 credit hours

621-033 Dental – Certified Dental Assistant 621-033 Dental – Dental Hygienist 621-033 Dental here–SEE AWARD SUMMARY) Work Week: the regular hourly rate applies. This rate begins once

2011 award year. In addition, Program: Placement Rate: Dental Assisting 10 month 50% (This Assistant Dental Assisting http://www.onetonline. org/link/summary/31-9091.00 Medical Assisting 51.0801 31-9092.00 Medical Assistants

Program Award: Diploma Related Occupations Expanded Duty Dental Assistant, Dental Assistant Placement Rate: 92% Type of Jobs: Expanded Duty Dental Assistant, Dental Assistant Employment: Employment has occurred within one year of graduation.