Automotive Technician Training Programs

These days, people looking to become a mechanic can expect formal, standardized training in addition to apprenticeships. Programs that offer both in-class and in-shop auto mechanic training fill the essential role of protecting the health and safety of the consumer, and also help the student become certified and prove their qualifications to an employer.

Planning an automotive mechanic career can feel daunting. While you may have been lucky enough that your secondary school had auto mechanic courses or shop class, it can be very difficult to get a taste of the actual work with cars before you commit to auto mechanic training. Part of this is because of the increasing complexity of cars. Although, even as a teenager, you may have been able to afford car ownership, and did your basic maintenance, on your own of a family car, the design of modern vehicles mean that other work is generally left to sophisticated professionals who have completed the full auto mechanic apprenticeship it takes to be a modern auto service technician.

Becoming a mechanic, or as the profession is also called, an automotive technician gives you a skilled trade, which not only means you may have access to a subsidized education through apprenticeship grants, but with about twenty-two million licensed drivers in Canada, an automotive career gives you a reliable source of employment regardless of the state of the economy. However, people looking into how to become a mechanic have a several step process ahead of them, starting with finding a mechanic school and funding, but including four years of practical, hands on work experience for full trade certification.

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Postsecondary automotive technician training programs usually provide intensive career preparation through a combination of classroom instruction and Information on how to become a certified automotive service technician is available from: National Institute for Automotive Service

Or HSE and completion of formal training. Training programs are typically 6 months to 2 years long, including lecture and shop as an automotive technician. Job growth: In New York City, require that their service technicians become certified.

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN (Certificate Programs) Education and Training: For ASE certification as a Master Automobile Technician, technicians must be certified in all eight areas. Skills in multiple auto repair services may lead to increased pay.

Automotive Technician Training –Help Manual 4 Introduction This help manual contains everything you need to know about setting up and using the ATT system.

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