Applied Human Services Degree

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”

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8/26/13 COLLEGE OF DUPAGE Page 1 2013-2015 CATALOG Human Services| Associate in Applied Science Field of Study Code: HUMAN.AAS

HUMAN SERVICES Associate in Applied Sciences Degree | Career Program Social Sciences Department Curriculum Coordinator: Professor Donna Mangiante

SCHOOL OF HEALTH & APPLIED HUMAN SCIENCES Academic Affairs Division/College of Health & Human Services Chris Lantz Director P rofessor EPA 12mo/#6127/

KaPlan UnIveRsIty OveRvIeW HumAn SErviCES DEgrEE ProgrAmS | SCHool of ArtS AnD SCiEnCES | CollEgE of PubliC SErviCE 01/13 > Kaplan University Overview

Associate in Applied Science and Career Certificates College of Lake County 2013-14 Catalog HUMAN SERVICES PROGRAM Social Science Division, Room A244, (847) 543-2047

HUMAN SERVICES Associate of Applied Science Degree Substance Abuse Studies San Juan College offers the Associate of Applied Science in Human Services with an emphasis in Substance Abuse Stud-

Programs of Study 134 HUMAN SERVICES Associate in Applied Science Degree Advisor: Human Services – Wallace Drive Campus, 116 Naylor Hall; Tina Whittington (549-8476)

The Associate in Science Degree in Applied Psychology/Human Services will be awarded for successful completion of the courses listed below. The following minimum requirements must be completed: 1. Specific program requirements 2.

2012-2013 Bachelor of Science (BS) Non-teaching Program of Study for Psychology Degree Code 252* HUMAN SERVICES Concentration Code 252F

Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Services Minimum 66 Credit Hours. All major and correlated courses must have “C” or better grade. REQUIRED CORE COURSES: 45 credit hours Transfer or Substitute Course