AED Internet Career Kit

Demonstrate use of the AED. Materials/equipment: AED kit – preferably one built for demonstration or with a demonstration mode available. class, search the Internet for an appropriate demonstration of an AED being used.

All students will receive a Basic Auto Body Repair tool kit which will become Devices and the use of the Automatic External Defibrillator is covered. There is a maximum of four participants per Penta Career Center Adult Education participates in the following Financial Aid

Internet Job-Search Resources Career Lab Lucina 235 America’s Top Internet Job Sites Adams Internet Job Search Almanac Cyberspace Job Search Kit Cyberspace Résumé Kit Electronic Résumés and Online Networking Everything Online Job Search Book

Although the Internet makes career in-formation more widely available, concern exists that some groups may not have access to it. Individuals with limited financial resources, for example, may have difficulty gain- America™s Career Kit and O*NET OnLine

Pre-Law Tool Kit: An excellent resource for diverse students thinking about Law School Medical School Internet Resource Guide . Letters of Recommendation How to Get Good Letters of Recommendation Interfolio: Service to store application materials

Their personal networks have been neglected while they pursued their career and are often starting job A Tool Kit for Job Seekers SPRING 2009 BY RANDY HAIN, MANAGING PARTNER THE FOUR Do your homework on the Internet and ask around … you will quickly see which firms are

Such as the internet, career advisers, family and friends. WORKSHEET – EMPLOYMENT U < 3 > Decisions List your current skills and qualifications. Athletes’ Kit THE IOC ATHLETE CAREER PROGRAMME

The development of a solid career path, and we look • An application fee of AED 200 must be sent along with the completed Application Form. High-speed Internet connections are also provided in each room of all four residence halls.

This Application for Admission Kit, with the related forms necessary to support your candidacy, The essay should explain your personal and career goals and • An application fee of AED 200 must be sent along with the completed Application Form.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Asbestos Awareness Avian Flu Precautions • Works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, "this is the Ultimate Career Development Package."

On the internet and understanding of file management in Windows Explorer (cut, copy Career & Professional Training OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING Earn a Continuing 314-A11-0511 AED English classes for speakers of other languages from beginning to advanced academic

College accomplishes this purpose by providing high-quality, flexible pre-baccalaureate and career-focused educational programs and services which are academically, geographically, and financially accessible.