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AED Foundation community-based, school-to-work initiatives, need to be taking place now. to explore the dealer technician career opportunity. Another such informational Web site for students is ConstructMyFuture. com,

Academy for Educational Development Professional Development Handbook For Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Career Ladders and Lattices ..16 Policies and Procedures Migrant labor is hard work and requires specialized skills. Most families earn

Worksheet #13: Career Planning List Directions: Check the things that you have completed in your career-planning process. HAVE YOU: Interpersonal Skills: Team work, ability to teach others, leading skills, customer service skills,

2 People’s Career Aspirations can be divided in the following categories: 1) Career success You would like to make use of your professional skills to achieve

Into a more casual work environment, you will want to present yourself in the best way possible. 132 Lanier Hall 478-445-5384

Survey data regarding the scope of work, and the knowledge, skills and abilities of the professionals who work in the http: //www.worldatwork The WorldatWork Career Excellence Model http:

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Project, conducted by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) Accomplished career and technical education teachers work with colleagues, the community,, and that of MSSC on

Candid Career http: New Voices – North American Association of Christians in Social Work – Overseas Jobs – Peace Corps

The career planning process (do it in the right order!) 1. Gain a good understanding of yourself . e.g.: interests, skills, personality, values, work -life balance etc.

Career and Technical Education • 2 2012-2013 Series Major Requirements Hours AED/FCS 110 Introduction to Career and Technical Education .. 3

September 2000 Vol. 66, No. 9 A CURE FOR OUR WORKFORCE SHORTAGE By Mike McGinty, Director of Programs, The AED Foundation When looking for service technicians,