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Go to the California Career Zone, The Interest Profiler, under Assess Yourself, indentifies personal interests leading to further investigation. We recommend that you spend a few minutes completing these assessments.

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California Career Planning Guide Contents Summary •Introduction to the Career Planning Process •Learn About Yourself •Investigate the World of Work

The California Career Zone is a website for student career exploration. This website is augmented by downloadable workbooks designed to help structure students’ exploration of the website. Supplemental

California Career Zone. Name: _____ Date Career Selected: _____ Using complete sentence, please answer the following questions about the career you are researching. List three things you . need to be able to do. for this occupation. List

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Career Development for Exceptional Individuals, 13(1), 13-27. Hamilton, M The Highlight Zone: Research@Work no. 8, St. Paul, MN: National Research Center for University of California-Berkeley, National Center for Research in Vocational Education. Larson, R.W. (2000, January